The Magic Pick

The Story Behind the Magic Pick

When I began playing guitar as a young teen, I’d always carry extra guitar picks in my pant’s pockets… One day at a family gathering, my adolescent cousin fell and began crying as everyone swiftly ran over to give him comfort… Nothing worked! My cousin continued to cry and cry.

As I was intriguingly watching adult human behavior unsuccessfully nurturing pain, I had an idea. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a guitar pick, walked over to the weeping child and said, “This is a magic pick …” It immediately distracted my young cousin’s attention from whatever he was crying about to what I was holding out for him in my hand… I asked, “Where does it hurt?” He showed me! I rubbed the pick on that spot and said, “Abracadabra you now feel better…” My cousin began to laugh, as did everyone around us. He then reached out for the pick and I gave it to him with the instructions, always carry the magic pick with you for good luck. He went back to playing and everyone else went back to eating… I felt like a Super Hero!

I soon realized that this worked for others who were also going through pain, unhappiness or just wanted something good to happen to them –

Throughout the years I have given away thousands of magic picks with instructions to always keep it close by as an aide-mémoire to achieving your dreams.

I now get requests from individuals from around the world that want the magic pick for all kinds of reasons including better grades, to losing weight to finding love.

The magic pick works – All you have to do is ask for one!