The Stu Show

‘The Stu Show’ Motivating Kids to: 


Stuart Jacobson, AKA Stu is a professional speaker, humorist, songwriter and sociologist.  He has dedicated his life to researching, investigating and studying human charm, charisma, appeal and success. His purpose was simple… Why are some people ‘LIKED’ more than others? He then took his findings:  studied them! scrutinized them! analyzed them! dissected them! questioned them! and debated them! Jacobson found that successful social interaction is NOT complicated! In fact, it’s quite simple! And he’d love to share his findings with your young audience.


“Kids have an amazing ability to know if a grown-up sincerely cares about them or just pretends to care.  You my friend are for real.” Nancy Powell – Teacher, Wilmette IL 

“What a great head turning performance! People were in absolute awe and stopped whatever they were doing to join in!  Both the young and the old and everyone in-between wanted a magic guitar pick!” Margi Kanter, Making Faces Chicago

Stu was fantastic!! The whole school was engaged for his entire performance! They were chanting STUUUUUUUUUUUUU for the rest of the year. Boys and girls loved him. And now, a year later, and a new class, they still keep requesting to hear his music. Luckily, now we have the CD!  Rachel Berkhof, Middlefork Primary School

yes292“Dear Stu, We can’t thank you enough for the amazing show!  Our kids and families LOVED singing, dancing and laughing with you. You brought so much joy during your visit.”  Elizabeth Solomon, Advocate Children’s Hospital – Park Ridge

“Stuart, you were a hit! You held the kids spellbound and all the children loved getting a magic pick.”  Robert Sivek CEO, The Meetinghouse Special Events Company